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Ross Dove CEO of Heritage Global Inc. interviews with Jeff Kone at The Wall Street Resource

0:20 Quick overview of Heritage Global Inc.
1:30 Out of the two business, is one more dominant in terms of growth?
4:21 Who are your customers?
5:24 Are you industry agnostic?
6:34 How do you reach your customers? What’s your marketing channel?
7:37 With number of sources for revenue, do you have all the sources that you are looking for or are you looking to acquire more?
8:33 What are the headwinds and tailwinds of the business?
9:44 What’s the gating factor in terms of inhibiting further growth?
11:21 What is your revenue model?
13:23 Why should investors buy HGBL stock?
14:16 Over the next 12 months, are there any events or milestones we should watch for?

John Nesbett/Jennifer Belodeau
IMS Investor Relations