Corporate Profile

Heritage Global Inc. (OTCQB: HGBL) started in February 2009 to operate in the industrial liquidation and valuation business. Heritage Global has specialized in transactions involving intact, turnkey manufacturing plants – typically arising from bankruptcies, corporate restructuring and plant closures – as these transactions generally result in higher returns, lower risk, faster turns and less competition. The Company arranged traditional asset disposition sales, including liquidation and auctions, and subsequently expanded into real estate auctions, asset and inventory valuations, financial asset auctions, intellectual property auctions, distressed asset advisory and asset based lending.

In February 2012, Heritage Global began expanding its global auction and advisory capabilities with the acquisition of Heritage Global Partners, Inc., ( a worldwide leader in global asset conversion for both middle market and Global 2000 companies as well as domestic and global insolvencies. In June 2014, Heritage Global continued expending its auction and advisory capabilities to include distressed financial assets with the acquisition of National Loan Exchange, Inc. (NLEX), the largest volume broker of charged-off consumer receivables in the US and Canada. In September 2019, Heritage Global further continued expanding its capabilities by launching Heritage Global Capital, a new platform to provide specialty financing solutions to small- and medium-sized investors in charged-off and nonperforming asset portfolios and other asset-based classes.

Heritage Global has completed hundreds of transactions since inception, acting as both principal and advisor as well as member of various syndicates together with distressed and surplus asset industry leaders. Among its key competitive advantages are domain expertise as well as integrity, trust, adaptability and reliability – especially transparency when conducting business. Heritage Global is known for its innovative approach to both asset valuation and transaction structure. Going forward, Heritage Global intends to expand all of its business platforms including Heritage Global Partners for auctions and capital asset acquisitions, Heritage Global Valuations for asset-based appraisals for lending and financial reporting, Heritage National Loan Exchange for the disposition of non-performing loans for money center banks and other credit providers,  and Heritage Global Capital as a boutique special situation ABL lender.

Heritage Global strives to be a full-service, value added asset advisor, valuer and reseller across the broadest spectrum of business assets.